Long History of Promotional Product

John Pemberton, inventor of the instantly recognisable Coca-Cola, established his dominance in the soft drink industry largely through the widespread use of promotional product. Coca-Cola was one of the first brands to adopt this strategy and in so doing helped revolutionise branding. Near universal brand recognition helped "Coke" establish near total dominance in the field.

Pemberton put his brand on anything and everything, which ensured that Coca-Cola survived even after key franchisees broke away to form rival brands. These rivals, such as "Yum Yum", used the winning Coca-Cola recipe at a time when Pemberton's own son was adulterating the recipe under the official name "Coca-Cola". But these other brands failed to take off.

Coke's competitors simply didn't have the brand recognition. Something Pepsi continues to struggle with even today. While the massive range of Coca-Cola promotional products remain collector's items and continue to be produced in staggering quantities.

Coke is just the most famous, and most successful, of the 19th Century brands that embraced what was then called merchandising. The moment the Industrial Revolution gathered steam in the early 1800's (and products could be reliably mass produced) clever businessmen and entrepreneurs the world over embraced this now tried and true branding strategy.

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