Increasing Popularity of Challenge & Custom Coins

BrandNet has 20 years experience producing what in the United States would be called "Challenge Coins". Members of various militaries and fraternal organisations have a long tradition of using special coins to symbolise unit identity and promote esprit de corps. For individuals these coins come to symbolise bonds formed in battle or on missionary work far from home. These beautiful coins won't readily be discarded an can even act as family mementos or heirlooms.

BrandNet continues this unbroken tradition here in Australia with custom coins minted for various military units and civilian organisations; each using unique symbols and mottos. In the case of Australian Defence Force or police units these coins seek to immortalise in metal the essence of service and sacrifice. Challenge Coins are often traded between units and even between allied armies, forming a currency of giving and mateship.

The civilian equivalents of Challenge Coins are awarded for dutiful or long service and promote organisational loyalty and brand identity. These corporate custom coins are growing in popularity as corporate gifts and promotional products. BrandNet has had an increase in orders and inquiries over recent years by both corporate and charitable organisations.

Our designers are highly experienced and capture the essence of an organisations identity. Quality metal, beautiful design and attention to detail all presented in a display case. These coins won't be discarded and can be proudly displayed. Unlike so many wasted or tacky gifts, Challenge Coins stand the test of time.